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About us

Urban Impact Ventures is a transformative investor on a mission to improve urban quality of life in Europe.


We address the €50 billion annual funding gap for cities to improve urban quality of life and the €1 billion annual opportunity to support innovative businesses seeking to apply technology to urban infrastructure in Europe. Our belief is that cities deserve better access to sustainable impact solutions and connect to urban technology partners.


Cities are seen as both the source of and the solution to today’s economic, environmental and social challenges. Over two-thirds of the EU population live in urban areas, they account for about 80 % of energy use and generate up to 85 % of Europe’s GDP. Urban areas are the engines of the European economy and act as catalysts for creativity and innovation throughout the region. At the same time urban areas are places where persistent problems, such as unemployment, segregation and poverty, are at their most severe.


Cities are at the heart of creating a more equitable and sustainable world as envisioned by global agreements such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Agreement, and the New Urban Agenda. To “bend the curve” towards greener, more inclusive development, Urban Impact Ventures promotes and manages Sustainable Cities Impact funds to support these transformational projects.

Impact Investing

Urban Impact Ventures is a pioneer in urban technology impact investing in Europe. We invest in entrepreneurs seeking to apply technology to urban infrastructure and focus on 4 investment themes:

Combining creative financial structuring and innovative technology we aim to catalyse the sustainable transformation of cities and urban communities. Our portfolio companies benefit from access to our urban ecosystem, including cities, financing partners, service providers and larger corporations. We target a net positive contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in addition to attractive investment returns. We have the ambition to launch our inaugural fund – Urban Impact Ventures I in Q3 2021.

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Urban Impact Ventures believes supporting safe, well-maintained and technology-enabled urban infrastructure is essential to improving quality of life and economic opportunity for urban residents. We can help cities to evaluate innovative solutions for urban infrastructure and introduce urban entrepreneurs.




Established technology firms and service providers eying urban development as a strategic focus, may be interested in the deployment of new technologies in European cities, or establish live test-bed opportunities. Urban Impact Ventures can serve as a forward-thinking partner to explore the application of technology and services to these urban areas.




Entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups seeking to apply technology to urban infrastructure today often lack initial access to urban projects and smart sources of financing. Urban Impact Ventures has a unique structure that allows for a long-term and open-ended approach to the realization of strategic urban development goals and support sustainable growth at the same time.